China mold city distribution



  China's existing mold city 81


Mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong
In recent years, China has vigorously developed the mold industry, and the industrial development has taken shape. According to the forward-looking network reporter, a few days ago, Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Model Association, published the "Analysis Report on the Development and Investment Management of the Mould Industry" in the "Straits Cross-Strait Mould Industry Summit Forum", pointing out that in recent years, the investment in the domestic mold industry is in full swing, as an economy. Phenomenon has caused more and more attention and attention. Mold industry agglomeration is of great strategic significance for optimizing industrial structure, promoting industrial upgrading, transforming economic growth mode, improving economic development level, enhancing regional economic competitiveness, and enriching the people.
According to Luo Baihui's research, there are more than 80 “Mold City” in the country, mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui and other provinces and cities, as follows:
Zhejiang 12: China (Huangyan) Mould City Industrial Park, Luqiao Gaodengbao Mould Processing Base, Yueqing Precision Mould Production Base, Shenzhou Mould City, Yongkang Mould City, Yuyao Mould City, Ninghai Mould City, Cixi Mould City, Beilun Mould City, Wuyi Mould City, Zhezhong Mould City, Zhedong Mould City.
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12: guangdong auspicious xin automobile die mold industrial park, get together and mechanical hardware city, changan Jin Ming international machinery mold city, macro city hardware machinery mold city, horizontal drain the international mold city, the peach garden mold mold city, shenzhen city, jinfeng group mold industrial town, qingyuan die mold machinery manufacturing equipment industrial park, foshan city, shunde ShangGang mold city, Ann ceramic mold production base.
Jiangsu 7: kunshan mold industry experimental area, changzhou (minghuang) Yangtze river delta mold city, suzhou (huguan) international mold city, kunshan (yushan) international mold city, zhuanshitailong international mold city, wuxi precision mold production base, yingjia mold city.
Sichuan 7: chengdu qingyang mould city, chengdu jingkai district automobile mould industrial park, neijiang mould industrial park, tangzheng mould industrial park, anyue mould industrial park, tianfu new district mould industrial park, guang 'an mould city (preparation).
Hunan 7: hunan environmental protection science and technology industrial park, changsha international mould city, xiangtan torch area, loudi mould industrial park, hengyang shenzhen mould industrial park, yongzhou changfeng industrial park, jiahe casting capital.
Hubei 6: wuhan international mold city, lingxiang special steel mold equipment manufacturing industrial park, central China mold city, xiangfan tooling center, laohekou auto mold city, xian 'an district mold industrial park.
Anhui 4: hefei mould industrial park, wuhu automobile mould industry base, chuzhou household appliance mould industry base, anhui blade mould brand base.
Shandong 4: Qingdao household appliance mould equipment system
Manufacturing base, zhongtian (lu zhongzhou village) mold city, shandong (linyi) international mold industrial park, shandong linglong tire mold industry base.
Jiangxi 4: jiangxi shangyou mold city, paigao mold industrial park, nanchang jingkai mold city, wuyang mold city.
Tianjin 3: tianjin international mould city, chendong mould industrial park, binhai mould manufacturing base.
Liaoning 3: shenyang (liaozhong) mold park/offshore mold industry base, taizhou plastic mold city, shenyang, dalian mold industry park.
Jilin 3: faw group mold industrial park, princess ling special auto parts mold park, tumen river mold machining park
Chongqing 2: chongqing mould industrial park (mould hardware and electromechanical supply base), mould city in western China.
Hebei 2: huanghua mold city, botou automobile mold manufacturing base.
Guangxi 2: liuzhou yanghe mould production base, qinzhou real Madrid mould industrial park
Shanxi 2: jincheng precision mold production base, xinzhou advanced mold machining park.
Qinghai 1: ledu large precision casting and forging mold base
Mold capacity distribution in China
(1) the national mold capacity distribution map
(2) guangdong in 2007, China mould industry association and the national peer recognized as "the largest province of mould in China".Qianzhan network learned that in the south China area of guangdong, shenzhen area, Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign mold enterprises everywhere, mold sales volume has become the largest area in China.Guangdong mold manufacturing advantage is mainly in plastic, metal mold, in the total mold production, plastic, metal mold accounted for more than 70%, far higher than the national average.Guangdong mold and machinery manufacturing industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, with a wide distribution range. The mold manufacturing industry is concentrated in guangzhou: panyu district and huadu district.Shenzhen: longgang district, baoan district;Dongguan, zhongshan, shunde, shantou, huizhou, etc.According to the statistics of guangzhou customs, from January to may of 2008, guangdong exported mould 270 million us dollars, compared with the same period last year (the same below), an increase of 42%, accounting for 38.8% of the total export of mould in China.According to luo baihui, guangdong mold is mainly sold to Hong Kong, the European Union and other places, and export to the European Union doubled.From January to may, guangdong exported 120 million molds to Hong Kong, an increase of 21.4%, accounting for 43.6% of guangdong's total export of molds in the same period.The export of mould to eu was 47.405 million us dollars, up 1.3 times.Shenzhen: in 2006, there were more than 1000 mould enterprises with an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the total output value of mould in guangdong province and nearly 25% of the total output value of mould in China.In 2007, shenzhen mould industry agglomeration base was established.
Zhejiang huangyan: known as "the hometown of mould".Huangyan mould has formed the characteristics of rich product categories, complete industrial supporting facilities, large technician team and high industrial chain extension.Among them, the plastic mold accounts for about 85% of the total amount, and the product area is wide, the production cycle is short, the cost is low, the quality of the mold and the grade is high, in the domestic and even the international have a higher influence.According to qianzhan network reporter, up to the end of June 2007, huangyan mold industry has more than 2000 professional mold manufacturers, more than 50,000 employees, the total output value of more than 10 billion yuan.Among them, there are 71 large-scale enterprises, 46 enterprises above 10 million yuan and 7 enterprises above 50 million yuan, forming a block economy with high agglomeration degree and obvious characteristics.Ningbo: ningbo city high precision and complex
Mold production capacity continues to improve, with a strong plastic mold production strength, in the national excellent mold recommendation, occupy more shares every year, regional characteristics more obvious.The large moulds of ninghai, the die-casting moulds of beilun, the precision moulds of yuyao, the household appliances moulds of cixi, the moulds of xiangshan and the moulds of automobile parts of yinzhou have had a great influence in China.Since the end of 2000 officially based ninghai mold city, its development model has become the model of characteristic industrial park, since 2003 has been awarded the "China mold production base", "China (ninghai) mold city" and "provincial plastic mold high-tech technology characteristics industrial base", become one of the emulated around the intensive development mode.Yuyao mold started in the 1970s, after years of development, the city has more than 1,000 mold processing enterprises, annual processing output value of 6.5 billion yuan, annual sales of goods mold 4.5 billion yuan, with the ability to process large and medium-sized high, fine, type of mold, especially plastic mold processing in China has been in the leading position of 000.And the first domestic mold industrial park - China light industry (yuyao) mold city industrial park.Wenzhou yueqing: focusing on the development of electronic components precision mold, is now China's largest precision mold production scale, the highest level of technology production base, and led to the rapid development of yueqing electrical industry, electronic components, plastic products, rubber industry.
(4) Shanghai has more than 1,500 mold enterprises, more than 70,000 employees, annual output value of 10.5 billion yuan.Shanghai mold industry will face 6 major industries and key industries, especially information (IT) industry and automobile industry, to develop IT industry precision magnesium alloy die casting die, precision injection mold;Automobile industry covering parts die, large parts die casting, etc.
Suzhou area of jiangsu mold industry development is fast, there are nearly 1000 kinds of mold factories, annual sales of about 5 billion yuan, mold industry has become one of the city's emerging industries.Japan, South Korea, Singapore, France, the Netherlands, the United States and China's Taiwan, Hong Kong area of sole proprietorship, joint ventures, private mold enterprises are also many.
6. Other
Shandong: the mold industry appears the state - owned, the private enterprise advances simultaneously the situation.
Fujian: the mould mainly consists of household appliance injection mould and shoe mould.Now the province has built a complete set of automobile mold supporting production chain.
Anhui, chuzhou has become an important manufacturing base of refrigerator blister foaming mold, rubber mold, ningguo city xuanzhou and wuhu in sheet stamping mould is given priority to, is one of the important manufacturing and supply base of auto parts, its unique characteristics of bengbu plate stamping progressive die, hefei major research and development production of injection mold, auto mold and rapid molding, possess certain advantages in technology.




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